Social Distancing Is Not New

By Basia Alicia Powell

It seems like “Social Distancing” is the new buzz word. It is an actual strategy being implemented by the CDC and other health authorities, to save all our lives during this deadly pandemic. For many people, social distancing should not be so hard to implement, as we have been distancing ourselves from others for a very long time.

People don’t make time to connect anymore. Sending me a forward via message or What’s App is not maintaining a friendship. Why do you care that you cannot go outside and interact with people? We should all be happy that our cell phones are still working, or should I say our data is still available, because after all we our mobile devices rather than each other.

My husband said to me recently, I don’t consider someone my friend if I don’t make it priority to talk to each other within 30 days. I thought to myself, this is so true. In fact, I would only hear from some people if something is wrong with them, or they have something to complain about. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would only be able to reach most people via text messages. What happened to the times when we would call people occasionally to check in. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with texting your loved ones. However, how would you truly know if something is really wrong with them if you did not hear their voices? Social distancing is not new. We have been socially distant from each other for a long time.

The world has not changed, but the people living in the world have. The quarantine imposed by the existence of this pandemic is simply showing us what it would be like if we or our love ones were to die alone. It is showing us who the real heroes are; those who would risk their lives to save others at a time like this. It is showing us that we are all equal, regardless of our race ,color, creed or class. We actually live distant lives everyday, the difference is we leave our houses, we pass our neighbors straight and we do not show kindness amd gratitude to one another. The question is, “Are you going to return to social distancing without quarantine, after Caronavirus goes away?” What have you done to help others during this time? There are senior citizens who need help with getting their groceries and millionsofpeoplehave lost their jobs and businesses. Are you going to continue to be a taker when this is over, or are you going to become a giver?

God created us to be each other’s keeper. Even during this current pandemic, we are still seeing people disrepect and try to hurt others. People are complaining about being in the safety of their homes, while others have no choice but to leave the comfort of their homes to go out and help others fight for their lives. Instead of sharing groceries with others they are buying out and confiscating essential cleaning items at the supermarket. As sad as it is, it is my belief that the Caronavirus pandemic happened for a reason. It will either bring out the best in us, or the worst in us. If nothing else, you would think that most of us, would take the time to think and to do some soul searching. I believe that our true characters are revealed during difficult times.

If you continue to make your life only about you after this pandemic is over, you may actually end up by yourself, with no one to turn to. One thing for sure is, life will never be the same. May we all see life from renewed lens after this.



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