Finding Balance With Yoga

By Basia Alicia Powell

I am not sure when it all happened. I am referring to my love affair with yoga! I tried yoga and pilates on and off over the years, as a form of exercise. However, about 8 months ago , I became more curious about the benefits of practicing yoga, on my own, no formal class. I just felt like my mind and body needed it.


As time went on, I started doing yoga Monday to Friday. I became addicted to the routine and it helped me manage my anxiety spells, and I also started losing inches. How could this be? I was going to the gym and lifting weights for years, and my body was not budging. More importantly I was still challenged by anxiety attacks. After a few months of consistent yoga exercises, I was able to start sculpting my body. I still have far to go, but I will get there.


I was also able to start running again, as my legs became stronger from doing my yoga exercises. I started looking forward to my daily 20 to 30 minutes yoga routine. I would rely on Pinterest and You Tube for yoga positions. I still have a lot to learn, as I don’t consider myself an expert, but doing yoga by myself and sometimes with my husband, has brought me a lot of healing and peace.

Bridge Pose

After practicing yoga for 8 months, I had no idea that several months later, I would need and use yoga during this very difficult time to maintain my sanity and find my balance. Apart from praying and communicating regularly with family and friends , I have turned to yoga and jogging to find peace and balance. I urge you to try it. You might just like it💗.

Easy Pose



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