An Inconvenience Vs A Problem

By Basia Alicia Powell

Today is Monday and I feel grateful to be alive. My Happiness Vlog today is entitled,

“An Inconvenience vs A Problem.”

I have so many things to be grateful for. Does this mean that I have checked off everything on my “want list”? Hell no! Do I have a perfect life? No, but I am working on having a perfect attitude about my life.

Is Caronavirus a problem in the world right now? Yes. Do I have a problem because I have to quarantine, and I cannot live my life as usual? No. The problem is in contracting the virus and not in taking the necessary measures to avoid Covid 19 from killing off the entire human race.

Today, I say thank you to all the people on the frontline making sure that we are all safe, fed and healthy. Take a look at my Happiness Live Monday Vlog:

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