First Indian-American Professional Baseball Player

I am so proud of this young man by the name of Karan Patel. Karan is the first Indian-American to be drafted in a MLB draft. We have known Karan since he was a tiny fella. His dad and my hubby have been best buddies for as long as we have been together.

I remember when we would visit Houston,Texas for vacation, (when ever my husband), we would sometimes accompany him and his parents, Kuldeep and Deepali, to Karan’s baseball games. (Those were special days).

Karan seen here with his dad Kuldeep and our son RJ

Over the years Karan also played cricket, which his dad really loves. My husband always felt that Karan needed to focus more on his baseball. He was so gifted at the sport, and his exceptional skill and consequent ascension in the sport, was never a question.

Today, Karan is the first Indian- American professional baseball player. I remember when he got drafted and we received the news, his mom and I cried on the phone. Hard work and sacrifice really paid off. It is possible to be the child of immigrant parents and live the American dream.

Seen here with his parents Deepali and Kuldeep Patel

Karan with parents and grandma

I am so proud of him, he is like a nephew to us. I am also truly inspired by his parents. They are the best example of the sacrifices we have to make as parents to ensure that our children rise to another level. Karan, Uncle Ric and I love you. Even though we have not yet made it to any of your professional games, we are so proud of you👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

Guys take a look at this interview he did in the link below:

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