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Basia Alicia Powell

A few years ago, I was asked to address the students from one of my Alma Maters, St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph. I remember talking to them about pursuing their dreams.

When I attended high school (I attended to two), I wish someone would have come to our school to speak to us about pursuing our passion and using our God given talent as a career.

I did not truly find happiness until I started doing what I loved. Today, I see the world differently. I look forward to each day, because I get to do what I love.

I also recognize that sometimes we have to do what we don’t like to be able to ultimately do what we love. That’s ok, once you are on your way to your destination. I have so much respect for people who follow their hearts and do what they love.

This weekend the sound clash between Bounty Killa and Beenieman took us down memory lane. I had some time to think about it. About who we are as “Caribbean people”, and how we can become greater together.
Its time for our educational system to change to enhance the natural gifts and talents in our children. If Covid 19 taught us anything, it taught us how to think outside of the box and how to appreciate what we once took for granted. Thank you for the reminder @kingbeenieman and @grunggaadzilla #onelove

Take a look at this Happiness Live Vlog, where I talk about how our educational system needs to modernize their approach to educating our children.

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