How Many More Must Die?

By Basia Alicia Powell

Whether you are black, white or brown, the gruesome slaughtering/killing of young unarmed black men in American should concern you. I am the mother of two black sons and I am raising them in America. This is not the first time I have been alarmed and horrified by a senseless killing of another young black man in America. It is the first time I am doing a post about it.

As DJ Khaled would say, “Another one.” And they are killing these men in front of our faces like pigs. Are we going to pretend that this did not happen because it is not our son, husband, brother, father or boyfriend? God please help us! I used to fool myself into thinking that my sons are safe because they live in a affluent neighborhood or go to great schools etc. I can’t continue to lie to myself. That is the worst lie you can tell. Some of you with black and brown sons maybe telling yourselves the same lie. Wake up, because this concerns you too. When they run out of men to kill, they will be coming for your sons.

The truth is, people who are racially prejudice, see us all the same way. It has nothing to do with how much money we make, it boils down to whether you are white or not. Let me put it this way, if it were not for the Civil Rights movement in America, (which was led by black people) the “browns” and other minorities would have no rights. #FACTS.

So it is time for us all the speak up against racism and police brutality. Instead of heading to the beaches during this pandemic, head to Washington DC instead to demand that they do something. It is time to hold our politicians responsible and accountable for these heinous crimes. It could be your son.

None of us are safe. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your lighter skin can save you. What type of God are you serving, that would make you think that it is ok not to be concerned about your fellow man? Don’t get me wrong. This is not a racist article. This is an article to plead to other races to join forces to stop racism and racial killing in America. I would be just as concerned if the senseless killings were targeting other races. I choose to see the human race. I guess that is just me. If Covid 19 taught us anything is the fact that we need each other.

Every race, color, creed and class has a right to be on this earth. Everyone should be given the opportunity to answer to the judicial system for the crime they commit. Every man has the right to a fair trial. As people of color we have to hold ourselves accountable.

I was recently asked, why I would I want to return to Trinidad to live , where there is “so much” crime. My answer is, “Why would I want to raise my black sons in America where, as young black men, they are guilty by identity. This killing hurts even more than the others, or maybe this time, I am now allowing myself to feel the pain.

Time to rise up.

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