The Vaccine For Racism

By Basia Alicia Powell

America continues to be afflicted by a pandemic far worst than Caronavirus, and that is racism. We can no longer ignore this plague. It is too deadly. While the health experts are frantically searching for a vaccine for Covid 19, we would like our world leaders to also expedite the search for a vaccine for racism.

Racism Is A Pandemic

Racism is a pandemic. Police brutality against African Americans is a crime. Being black apparently is an incurable virus. All black men are at major risk. They are guilty on sight. Very few are afforded the opportunity to have a fair trial. What are we all going to do about this?

It is time for us all to stand up and take non-violent action against the hate and bigotry, particularly in America. Racism is everybody’s problem. Why do we need to be assigned a race? We are all members of the human race.

Focus On My Nationality

If you are born in Italy, you are Italian. If you are born in Africa, you are African. If You are born in India, your are Indian. A Pakistani will never accept being identified as Indian, despite their similar outward appearance.

Today, I take a stand, as I choose to be identified as Trinidadian. Mankind will not assign a race to me. I am human, period. I urge our educators to take a good look at how we teach of children about race going forward. We have got to elevate the discussion on slavery and race relations and replace the discussion with culture and nationality.

I am a proud woman of color. I have never been ashamed of looking like this or being black. Do not allow anyone to make you ashame of who you are, and what you look like.

Always remember, “People will always try to pull you down, when they are beneath you.”

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