Hate Is Actually Disguised Fear

By Basia Alicia Powell

For those who are still hating, ” What are you afraid of? Even if you refuse to accept the idea of equality of all races, we are already there. Your children and grandchildren will reject your ignorance and marry who they want. The world will outlive your hate.

I celebrate our brothers and sisters of all races who are standing up to hate and racism, as they protest peacefully to save black lives. Based on the darkness taking place in the United States at the moment, it may seem as if we are moving backwards. Don’t be mistaken, we are actually moving forward, together.

We Must Unite

People of all races are coming together and we are leaving the ignorant ones behind.
When it appears as though it can’t get any worse, it is about to get better.
Believe that. American needed a cleansing. It started with Covid 19. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to experience evil to discover good.

I urge people of all races to come together and protect each other.We have nothing to lose. UNFORTUNATELY YOUR SILENCE NOW, WILL MEAN CONSENT..

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