No Such Thing As “Not Racist”

By Basia Alicia Powell

“I Am Not Racist”

I have accepted that for the greater part of my lifetime, there will be two types of people, “a racist” and “an anti-racist”. What is the difference. “A racist” is someone who believes in racial supremacy and is unaffected by the oppression and injustices experienced by persons of other races. “An anti-racist” on the other hand, takes a firm position and decisive action against any form of racial injustice experienced by persons from any racial background.

Tha Racist vs The Anti-racist

When it comes to racism, you are either for or against. You don’t get to take a position in the middle. For example, if you are focusing of some people looting during this time, instead of focusing on the senseless shooting of black and brown men, and the systematic racism you may need to ask yourself a few questions in the mirror!

I vehemently reject the idea shared by many who fail to take a clear position and choose to identify themselves with the disclaimer, “I am not racist.”Not racist is not a category. Who are you then? When you do not hesitate to condemn racial injustice and you recognize that supporting racial injustice against blacks is not a rejection or betrayal of your white and brown brothers and sisters, then you are Anti-racist. A person who is anti-racist takes a firm stand against all forms of racial prejudice and injustice.


I also think that we must all recognize that the term “Blacklivesmatter” does not imply that white lives don’t matter. It is necessary for people of all races to acknowledge the systematic racism and injustice endured by people of color for hundreds of years. If you cannot bring yourself to recognize this, there in lies the problem. That is the grey area that needs to be addressed.

I also realize that there are many people who are not white, (but they believe that they can pass for white), who are afraid and ashamed to take a position because they feel that this oppression has nothing to do with them. Well, when you are an anti-racist, then all forms racism and social injustice concerns you. “None of us are free, if all of us aren’t free.”

A Call To Action

During this time, I have had the distinct privilege to observe the decisive action or refusal to take a position among many of my associates. Even the Pope has an opinion, yet some of you are mute! I can’t tell you how many people, have said a lot by not saying anything. I have had people in my predominantly white neighborhood enquire about my mindset and provide verbal support. On the other hand, I have had others “take a position” by saying nothing or making a statement that was downright racist.

Despite the ignorance of some, I am so hopeful about our future, after seeing the diversed group of protesters, who are committed to equality for all and the end of racial oppression. I am grateful to the global community who immediately recognized we are each other’s keeper. A shift is taking place. This generation has had enough and they are saying that no person should be oppressed because of their race, color, nationality, religion or culture.

Racism Must End

If you feel the need to be racially superior over another, then something is very wrong with you. Similarly, if you feel the need to behave as though someone else is superior to you, based on their race, then something is also wrong with you.

These past few months have been very dark, but trust and believe, the future looks bright. It is safe to say that the racists are out numbered globally. Go find somewhere to live by yourself. Please ensure that you find your fellow racist to grow your food, sew your clothes, provide you with medical care, clean your homes etc. Because the rest of us want to live in a world where our children,

“Will not be judged by the color of their skins, but the content of their character.” – Dr Martin Luther King.

We also want a world where our children can marry whoever they love, regardless of race and color.

You Were Not Born A Racist

None of us were born racist, but some evil, insecure, backward person raised some of you to become a racist, and that is sad!

It is not too late for you to stop, but if you wish to continue, you will be out numbered because we have more black, white and brown people who don’t care about your bigotry and xenaphobia. Thinking and behaving that your race and color entitles you to better treatment than other races, is not natural, it is simply ignorant!

Peace and Love✊🏽🖤🤎🤍



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