Black Girl Magic

By Basia Alicia Powell

Recognizing my beauty does not remove yours. Every color is important to the artist. You cannot create a painting without having multiple colors. Many people are now acknowledging what I always knew. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

Beauty comes in all sizes, shades, and races. The beauty is in the diversity, because we are all the same color on the inside. IF WE WERE TO TURN OUR SKINS INSIDE OUT, WE WILL BE SURPRISED 😮.

I am not ashamed of my color, and I love yours. I recognized a long time ago that there are things about my beauty that you have always admired and you are even prepared to pay for. These thick lips, big butt, wide hips and natural melanin are in high demand these days. Apparently, to acknowledge it is a betrayal. I am aware that my blackness is magic. That has never been a question. The question is why the hate?

I have always known that there are unique qualities about all of us. I have never ever wanted to look any other way. I don’t question my value for a minute. My beauty is not your flaw. It simply means we are all beautiful. The fact that we cannot have a discussion on racial equality, without disagreeing, highlights the problem.

Color should not make any of us entitled to anything. What we do with our equal opportunity should determine what we receive in return. I AM NOT ASKING FOR A FAVOR, OR FOR PARDON. I am unapologetically black and beautiful. I am done with the way you see things. I am not seeking racial dominance either. This is not “pay back” , this is about equality and a call to action. The reason I love you, has nothing to do with your color. It has to do with your character. I look for what we have in common, like our morals and standards,

If you still believe that the the color of our skin determines value, lets talk about the color under all of our skins, and start a new discussion. You are entitled to your view, but you are not entitled to your prejudice. Most of all, your prejudice does not detract from my beauty. My beauty is magic. Black girl magic.

Blessings to All🖤🤎🤍💗


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