Life Is Like Fishing

By Basia Alicia Powell

Today I am posting my Happiness Live Vlog a bit late because I went fishing with my family. We have not gone fishing for a very long time. Boy we were missing out on living. We needed to disconnect and be present. We were tired of waiting for the world to get back to normal to start living again. We finally realized that the best experiences in life can be free, and outdoors.


Fishing reminds me of life. When you go fishing, you are not sure to catch anything. Yesterday, we went to the Lake Lanier, and we did not catch a thing. Today, we caught one small fish. So I guess today was better than yesterday. Would we go back again? Of course we will. Fishing teaches you patience, and for me it helps control anxiety. When I am fishing, all I am focused on is my bait and the fish I am trying to catch, nothing else.


Life as we knew it has changed in so many ways. Some for the good, some for the worst. There is so much to consume, like multiple digital television platforms, online shopping and the list goes on. We are now wired to become constantly discontented. We are no longer content with the simple things in life. We want more and the bigger the better. A larger television, a bigger house, the latest version smart phone. You name it, we want more of it.

My hubby and I decided we wanted to find outdoor activities to do with our sons, because we were losing them to video games and their rooms. Its been 4 months of quarantine, and we needed to find activities we could do as a family, where we would wear our masks and be socially distant to avoid the spread of the virus. Fishing, hiking, riding, boating and camping were at the top of our lists. Fishing of course, is our favorite. When we go fishing we are a team. We are present.


No matter how much we acquire in life, we can only use one thing at a time. We are either on the latest version of our smartphone or we are watching our big screen smart TV. You can only drive one of your 5 cars , or where one pair of shoes at a time. It’s like when we go fishing, we can only catch one fish at a time.

If it were not for this pandemic and the shelter in place measures we are all advised to observe, we would have chosen to fly somewhere in this 4th of July weekend, and enjoy some man made resort. However, we are grateful that we are now forced to discover the beauty of our natural surroundings, reconnect with our loved ones, and truly be present and content with our lives.


Blessings Basia 💗🙏🏽

Take A Look At My Happiness Live Vlog 11

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