Are You Living?

By Basia Alicia Powell

Are You Living?

It’s a brand new week. I am alive! Today, I can truly say that my priority both now and in the future, is to live my best life. So many of us are alive, and we are not truly living. Social distancing has reminded me to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. That is so funny, because prior to Covid19,  I took going outside for granted.

How about you? Are you truly living? What has quarantine life taughtt you about yourself and your life?  I have discovered that nothing is wrong with the world, its just the broken people who are living in it. I have two choices, I can either be miserable like many others, or I can choose happiness and to do the things I enjoy with the ones I love.


Life is simple; we complicate our lives by make wrong choices, and expecting God and other people to clean up our acts. During this time, I have discovered that I can live without many things and still be truly happy. Life is about authentic experiences that lead to real happiness.

Today, I urge you to only engage in the experiences that light your soul on fire. Take life on, and be the light in all the darkness. You are blessed to be alive , so don’t forget to live.
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Blessings 💜

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