My Quarantine Lessons

By Basia Alicia Powell

Suddenly I got it. A pandemic cannot stop me from living,  once my soul is alive. I have always prioritized being happy and feeding my soul, but whenever I allowed darkness and negative vibrations to entire my space, I became distracted.


During the past few months, I lost something.  I cannot quite put my finger on it. I started to feel lost because I started to focus on all the darkness around me. One Sunday, I finally got my clarity and my vision returned. It happened at the lake. I came to the realization that this pandemic was also a form of cleansing, to bring lasting healing and change.

All of a sudden, I started to ask myself some critical questions. Questions that allowed me to see clearly beyond this phase and all the darkness. I saw how I needed to simply my life and start living once again. Not only do I need to start living again, but I need to start living differently.

What Are The Lessons?

  • I learnt how to live, and that I don’t need everything I thought I needed to live.
  • I learnt that people are selfish. They are simply about themselves, and not even a pandemic will stop them. They simply want Covid 19 to go so they can get on with it. What they don’t realise is, Covid19 came for us to change our normal behavior and will not go away until we learn to do things differently. (Like wear a masks and practice social distancing.)
  • I learnt that we are not in control of anything. We must be open to a change of plan.
  • Its important to take time for those you love, and more importantly, for those who love you. Most of all, tell them you love them frequently.
  • I learnt who my real friends are.
  • I learnt that spending time alone and having fun, is necessary. It is not called idleness, it is called living and introspecting. I would rather make time to rest and think, than to be “busy doing nothing.” (It is impossible to be always busy. You cannot be truly effective.That tells me that you are running from something you cannot face.)
  • I learnt that my mental health cannot be compromised, and some people have no business being in my life. Positive and genuine relationships equal great mental health and real happiness.
  • I was also reminded that, “God won’t tell you how He would package your blessings.”
  • Most of all, I learnt that most people will only call you if they need something from you, but few will call just to check on you. Once I am blessed enough to survive this pandemic, my life will never be the same. It will be better for these lessons, that’s for sure, because I will never take living for granted.

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