11 Years Cancer Free And Happy

By Basia Alicia Powell

Hey Guys,

Today marks 11 years of being cancer free. My life has been interesting. I can say for sure, I am blessed. 11 years ago, breast cancer did not take my life, it taught me how to live. My diagnosis was a blessing packaged in a lot of pain. Life is also made of pain, but you grow through your pain. Pain can make you stronger.


The way I see it is, you cannot claim to have faith, if your faith has never been tested. You cannot find courage, if you have never felt and overcome fear. You cannot achieve growth, if you refuse to confront discomfort and face the things that seem impossible to overcome. Most of all, you cannot find true happiness until you acknowledge the things, situation and people who are contributing to your happiness, and do something about it.

Sometimes, I would speak to people and based on their feedback, I recognize that they feel that cancer is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Well, well! I never allowed cancer to define me. You don’t have to have cancer to die. What I had to confront at the time of my diagnosis, is the fact that even when I did not know I had cancer, I was not living.


After my diagnosis, I started on a journey, along with my fabulous husband, of finding happiness and living my best life. We did not always get it right, because it required a shift in our mindsets. So after a period of trial and error, I wrote my book, “Thirty Days Of Lasting Happiness ” , and it became the blue print for my journey.


I started to live in gratitude everyday, even when things were not going my way. Because my diagnosis taught me a major lesson, “Don’t wait until you have a diagnosis to start living”. It also reminded me that happiness is free and life is not as complicated as we feel. We complicate our lives, by sabotaging ourselves. Being alive is a gift that we must never take for granted.

It’s been 11 years, and yes I sometimes forget the lessons when I get distracted by life. It usually takes me 24 hours to process, and get back on track. I often post the line, “My life is a movie.” I mean that. It is a real life movie and the central theme is happiness. I will abandon any situation that is taking aware my happiness.

My idea of living has been reshaped due to my breast cancer journey. I wanted to share this message because very often, people are diagnosed with cancer and they do not realize that they are being used to turn tbeir “mess into a message “. They automatically assume guilt and shame. If you are reading this, and you have been recently diagnosed, don’t become your diagnosis and live in shame. That is when cancer wins.

Today, I give thanks and praise to God, for my life. I will continue to pursue happiness, spread love. Most of all I will continue to live the life I love, and love the life I live.💃💕

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