Failure Is Simply Practice

By Basia Alicia Powell
There is no such thing as failure. I am certain of it. Someone who did not want anyone else to succeed created that word. Sometimes the greatest blessing you can receive, is to experience failure early, because failure can set you up for real success, and line you up to walk in your purpose.


If you were to detach your emotions from failure, it would simply be like playing basketball or soccer. In other words, if the striker misses the goal post, he or she does not stop trying to score the goal, or stop playing soccer due to the fact that he missed a goal. He simply tries from another angle, because that is the whole purpose of the game, to keep trying to score goals, even after you missed it . That is exactly what life is about.


No one on this earth has everything they want. You can have lots of money, but poor health . You may not have the girl or guy of your dreams. You may prefer to have a different nose, body shape or something. My point is , we all have something we are wishing for, or we cannot get. So no one succeeds at everything. However, if we were to adjust our attitude and we can enjoy the practice.

Sometimes we fail at things because it was not meant for us. And that’s a blessing. Failure was also designed to block us from situations and people that are not meant for us.
The truth is, no matter what you thing, there are good and bad things in life that are meant for us to experience. Don’t let the experience break you. It is really meant to provide practice for  the great things to come.

No matter what you face this week, remember that you are a striker and you are simply practicing to score goals. Missing a goal does not make you are failure, but failing to striker is what is actually worse.


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