The Plant Is Nothing Without The Soil

Basia Alicia Powell

All plants cannot grow in the same soil.This is a fact I took for granted until recently. Several months ago, we decided to plant the seeds from the Bell Peppers we bought at the supermarket, in some small clay pots with some regular dirt. We waited and waited until my husband finally decided to change the soil. He then said to me, “Not every plant can grow in this soil.”


Change Your Soil

As stupid as this may sound, that statement stopped me in my tracks. After coming to the realization that the pepper plants were not doing well due to the soil it was in, he went out and bought new soil. I believe it was “Top Soil”, to be specific. In a matter of weeks, we had more peppers than we could eat. To this day, the plant continues to strive. The simple solution was a change of soil.

The Plant Is Nothing Without The Soil

After I saw the pepper tree blooming, I could not help but to reflect on my own life, and the lives of many people I know. Many of us could be doing much better, but we insist on staying in the soil that is not producing anything. If we were to take a simple decision to change our soil, we would be amazed at the transformation and growth we would experience. The plant is nothing without the soil. More importantly, the people we surround ourselves with are our fertilizers.


Sometimes to grow, we must go!

I know many people, myself included, who had to leave their place or birth and people they love, or even comort zone, in order to be where they are today, and achieve their dreams. Sometimes growth only takes place in new soil.

Growth is never easy. Many people are afraid to grow. I believe I am more afraid to be stuck. Growth cannot be achieved without pain and discomfort. Nothing great is every achieved without risk, discomfort and an element of fear. However, you would never know what the new soil feels like if we don’t give it a chance.

For many of us, an abundant harvest is waiting to be reaped in some new soil. We just have to be willing to change our soil. When I saw how much peppers that tree produced in a short period of time, it was clear to me that the soil is more important than the plant. It’s like someone who is less talented than you are got the opportunity just by taking a risk and being in the right place, at the right time. You on the other hand, missed out, because it did not occur to you that your soil (your environment) may need to change.

The moral of the story is, we all have a chance to grow, once we choose the right soil. From here on, I intend to choose my soil and my fertilizers carefully.

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