Suppression Does Not Bring Healing

By Basia Alicia Powell

Most of us were taught to suppress childhood emotional, mental and physical traumas. The problem arises when these memories we spend most of our lives suppressing, start to rise.
Not even the most educated and sophisticated among us can get away with suppressing their  truths, pain and traumas. A lid will not stay on a pot that is boiling over.

Today, I reflect on all the occurrences from my own past, that I too tried to suppress to protect the feelings of others around me, whom I had no business protecting as a child. No one should require that you to carry their pain.

You owe it to yourself to process your pain, your truth. People who truly love and care about you, should support you in dealing with the issues that prevent you from being truly happy and mentally healthy. Pretending that something did not happen, does not mean it did not happen.

If you believe that the things that affected you in your past life, somehow disappeared simply because you are successful, then you have the wrong perception of the reason you attended university.  You went to university for a degree, not healing. Higher education and financial success does not remove scars. They may put it on pause. However,  as the old addage goes, ” You can run, but you can’t hide.”


I choose to process all those feelings and memories that are uncomfortable for me to discuss. I acknowledge that they have had a negative impact on my life, but I choose to forgive and let go. I recognize that I am happier for confronting the memories that make me uncomfortable. I choose to process them as lessons.

No one has gone through life without scars. We all have a story that we have not told or events we choose to delete.  How we choose to process these events from our past, determines the quality of our present existence.

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