Gratitude Is More Than Just Saying Thank You

My life can best be described as, “existing in constant gratitude”.  The more challenging life becomes, the more grateful I am. The challenges usually disappear, when I shift my focus.

Gratitude is everything.  It produces real happiness.  When you consciously decide that all that truly matters is the fact that you are breathing and you are able to walk and talk, everything else is a beautiful bonus.

Whatever you are worrying or complaining about today, let it go. If you are waiting for hours in a long line to vote, just be grateful that you are able to vote. Our ancestors fought for the right for many of us to stand in line to vote. Be grateful.

Gratitude is the key to unlock blessings from above. We all have access to abundance. If only we would lock selfishness out and let gratitude in. When you open the door to gratitude, it brings happiness along.

So many people say ,”thank you” , but they don’t mean it. They were just trained to say it. It is just a reaction like saying good morning.  The funny thing is, the universe only responds to the feeling of gratitude,  not “the reaction” of thank you.

Happy Saturday Everybody
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