12 “Must Haves” in My Wardrobe

I have been doing my best to become more minimalist in my wardrobe choices. I have found myself purchasing items I don’t wear or need. This pandemic has also left many of us with clothing and accessories that we do not wear. I mean, we have no place to go!

In the meantime,I have decided to clean out my closet and keep clothing that are timeless.  Going forward,  I will be more conservative about my clothing choices. I am now a believer in ‘less is best”, and “valuable accessories never go out of style.” Hello😎.

So, I have spent sometime thinking about my clothing choices that are a “must haves” in my closet. (Still working on my accessories 😜. After months of studying my purchasing habits in relation to my personal style, I have decided on the following clothing choices that will remain trendy and are quite affordable .


The Classic White Shirt


I love a white shirt. I can rock this anyhow I want. I can wear it with leggings, daisy dukes, a pencil skirt, or by itself. it is so versatile and affordable. I can buy as many as I like because it is affordable. The classic white shirt never goes out of style. Whether it is long sleeve or short sleeve, it works!

White Shirt Dress


Like the white shirt, I am not mad at the white shirt dress either! This is also a classy choice and can be worn on many occasions. This look is sophisticated, fun and classic. Not to mention affordable. Guys, this is a keeper in my wardrobe!

Turtleneck Sweater/Dress


A turtleneck in any color is a must in my winter wardrobe, but black and white are my colors of choice. They work with many looks and never goes out of style. I am also a fan of turtleneck dress. A few of these items will last for years to come in your closet.



Joggers for the win! The star of the pandemic wardrobe indeed. Even Anna Wintour is wearing them.I have them in every reasonable color. They are comfy and trendy! I would not go as far as to call them classy, but they are definitely in and with the right fit, they can be sexy.

The Little Black Dress


Hold on to all your little black dresses ladies.You can dress it up with heals, a jacket, a sweater and a belt, or you can dress it down with flats. I try to keep a variety of black dresses in my wardrobe, of varied lengths. The little black dress is indeed a classic that can be worn several times, many different ways.



I am a huge fan of leggings. Good quality leggings can last for years in your wardrobe. Depending on the material, it can be dressed up as well. Additionally, leggings are like turtleneck, they never go out of style.

Pencil Skirt


I love a pencil skirt. It is a very versatile choice. In fact, I have them in many colors. I particularly like the fact that many people now wear them with sneakers. Love this look.

Denim Trousers


A pair of good fitting denim trousers, is a “must have”. I particularly love those with a good stretch. Based on my shape, I only invest in high waisted trousers. While I have varied shades of denims in my wardrobe. I highly recommend the dark blue shade if you have budget constraints. This is the most versatile color.

Long Dress


I love a long flowing dress. It is sophisticated, sexy and comfortable. Depending on the structure of the dress, it can also be worn with a trendy belt. I usually prefer my dress in a solid color. This goes a longer way in my wardrobe, as you can press repeat on a solid color dress, compared to one with a pattern.



I love rompers. I don’t purchase a lot personally, as I cannot repeat rompers often. However, when I find a good fitting one, I cannot say no. Once I buy something with my own money, I am pressing repeat on that wear. It is mine! I did not borrow it, so expect me to wear it again!

If it fits, wear it!

Daisy Dukes


I love me some daisy dukes. I have them in different shades of denim, black and white. They go with different tops, and can also be dressed up with a trendy jacket and heels.

Strappy Tops


I have “strappy tops” in every color. It is a must have. Never goes out of style.It can be worn with skirts, jeans, dress trousers, or under a jacket. It is timeless and so affordable.

Now that my closet is in order, as I have kept timeless clothing only, it is time for me to go do an audit on the accessories in my closet. I actually prefer to spend my money on valuable accessories, as they can be worn countless times.

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