Branding Not Trending…

The morphing of the brand.
No regrets, just enjoying the ride. Grateful for all the pain, joy, betrayals, empty promises, fear, failures and self doubt I experienced along the way. It was all worth it.❤

There were days I wanted to quit. People tried to convince me that I should go back to doing TV. I could not do it. It was no longer me. I saw my future in the digital media industry. Long before it was “a thing”. Guess what, digital is here to stay.

It did not make sense at the time but I trusted my instinct and kept feeding my soul. I went down a path that wasn’t trending. I did it for the love, not the likes. However, I was very aware that I was creating an international brand.

I did not have all the answers. It was just instinct.  A choice between instant or lasting. A choice that worked well with the model I  created for myself as a traveling wife, and mother of two boys with different needs.

For a moment, I felt like I was losing everything I worked hard creating. Little did I know that I was about to gain so much more. One day, it became so clear and my soul opened up. Then I stopped needing the reassurance from others, I started to connect more with God’s plan for my life.


Then a pandemic happened and I started seeing people taking the same path (by force), that I chose eight years prior, working remotely.
The popular decision is not always the most strategic or the best decision. I suddenly realized, ” If it don’t make me happy, it don’t make no damn sense.”


I woke up and the fear is gone‼️ My focus has shifted from what if. to “I must”. I have accepted that success arrives when you feel most worthy to receive it, and when it is supposed to. It has nothing to do with age etc.
What’s Next ❓
Everything I deserve.
God is the greatest .

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