My Hairstyles Catalog

By Basia Alicia Powell

For those of you who have known me for over 30 odd years, you know that I am the queen of trending black hairstyles, from braids to rocking a bald head by choice. I have rocked it all. I never felt like I needed a lot of hair to feel beautiful. I discovered a long time ago that the best hairstyle a girl can have is her confidence. For that very reason , the first time I rocked a bald head was at age 20!

There is something so liberating about wearing a bald head as a woman. Obviously, it does not require too much maintenance and I personally love the look. I must confess though that a bald head look requires a nicely molded head (thank you grandma!), and some key facial structure to pull this over. A well defined chin and jaw line helps.

Then came my breast cancer diagnosis, and I made the choice to rock my bald head instead of a wig. I felt that too many women embrace the feeling of shame with such a diagnosis and I was not about to do that! So I made it my personal style. And since my husband met me with a bald head, he had no issues with the look either 😜.

My point is, my choice of hairstyle has never been based on insecurity. In fact, I always allowed my self love and confidence to lead my style choices. I have loved 99 % of my hairstyle choices over the years. My current hairstyle is the longest hairstyle I have worn. That’s because it is my favorite!

What I love about this pixie cut is the fact that I can wear different versions of it. Here are some of the versions I have worn this year with this versatile short cut:

I can also wear it with a scarf

I also love wearing my hair in braids and faux locs. These are some of my favorite braided styles:

I loved the brown locs. I generally wear my hair black.

Then there is my Afro style. I call it my , “Wakanda Forever” look. Another favorite in my hairstyle catalog. I wore this hairstyle for a long time as well. Take a look:

I also love wearing my hair in one.

Whether it is a top bun or a ponytail, its my look.

Other Favorite Styles With Extensions

Overall, I have had a lot of fun over the years with my hairstyles. I love the hair that God gave me and my hairdos were all a reflection of my style and mood. I love them all. After writing this article, I feel like I am going to growing my hair out a little and going back to braids!

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