By Basia Alicia Powell

I can say without a doubt that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Is it just me though, or would you say that Christmas came back faster than usual this year?  I am not complaining. I need some peace and joy in my life. After all, “It’s the season to be jolly.” Based on what we have all been through this year, Christmas cannot arrive fast enough for me.

This year I decided to decorate our home on the day of Halloween. Yes, I did that. Sorry Halloween lovers, but 2020 felt like it was Halloween all year, so I needed Christmas to come through early. As such, we decorated earlier this year.


Christmas decorating is no easy decision in our home. Serious thought is given to the theme each year, We must first decide on the colors. This year, I decided to get two indoor Christmas trees.  One in the family room, and the other in the dining. We want it to be a very Merry Christmas, so we are doing it bigger than usual in 2020. For the family room the colora are ivory, gold, green and bronze. I even incorporated a non Christmas light green garland with gold beads on the fire place mantle , with a gold garland and miniature trees along the mantle.

Now for the dining room‼️

My dining room is my pride and joy. You know I love to cook, but it is equally important for me to have my table set right. For the dining area, I went with different shades of blue and silver accents to accentuate the blue accent wall. I also included blue hydrangeas in a large vase, (love fresh flowers) fine china, and  silver candelabras. I also went with a white Christmas tree, instead of the slightly frosted green I chose for the family room. 


Of course, I could not forget my gigantic red poinsettias I usually buy every year, from Costco.

Now for outside…


I love my garden.  Gardening is very therapeutic for me. At Christmas time, it is a big deal for us to add lights to the trees. I also added gold beads to a plant, a lit garland around our front door, black lanterns filled with red and gold bulbs, red poinsettias for the staircase. And of course some rain deers in the garden.

I enjoyed decorating earlier this year. My family and I needed to lift our spirits.  We are so grateful to be alive. Hope you enjoy my Basiahome Christmas Vlog 2020.

Have a Merry Christmas when it comes.

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Here is our Christmas Vlog

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