Christmas Gift Ideas

By Basia Alicia Powell

My Christmas wish list has changed this year, for sure. I can’t believe the day has arrived  when an embellished mask would be on my list, lol 😆.  Be that as it may, I believe that I have some gift ideas that every and anyone can use during a time that we are all confined to our homes, and we cannot wear most of our clothing and shoes that we own. I would imagine it makes it more difficult for you to identify Christmas gifts for your close friends and family during a pandemic.


Here Are My Tips For Christmas Gifts This Year:

  • Jewelry I said it! More than anything else during this pandemic,  I am able to wear my jewelry. I even wore my pearls (chile😉). I am no longer into watches, as I use my phone to tell the time, but if you are, this is a great time to buy watches, chains, rings, necklaces for sure. You can wear them at home and they will not expire.
  • Joggers Set I don’t know anyone who does not like a well made jogger pants or set. I love how sexy, trendy and youthful this style can be, if accessorized well. I want them in every color.  The best thing is I used them to travel comfortably even before the pandemic. They are my favorite work from home attire.
  • Crossbody bags I have retired buying the large handbags during this time. My designer handbags are sitting in my closet begging me to wear them. (SAD) So that confirms that the future is designer crossbody bags for me. I have not used a large handbag in over 9 months. The crossbody handbag gift is very trendy and practical as this type of bag can be used for many different occasions.
  • Face Masks And Shields This is one of my favorite accessories.  I love adding a fashionable face shield with my mask. Of course, it’s all about safety, but I still get to have fun with fashion, especially when the mask is bedazzled.
  • Fuzzy Slippers These are some of my favorites, especially during winter. There are several online retailers who offer a variety of trendy options in these indoor fuzzy slippers.  They are super comfortable. It’s like a sensory overload.


  • Technology Gadgets We all have a renewed respect for digital technology.  We have been forced to rely on technology and it’s gadgets to stay in touch with our family and friends. For this reason, technology gifts are at the top of my list this year. These include, headphones, portable cellphone tripods,portable lighting, trendy cell phone cases. Anything that will enhance my experience when staying in touch with family and friends.
  • Service Gifts  It may not be such a great idea this year, to do gift certificates for massages and facials,  (no offense to the estheticians). A massage, facial or mani/pedi would usually be an excellent present, but many people are very cautious to have some of these services done at this time. Therefore I am not sure how they will feel about receiving such gifts during a pandemic. In light of that, we can do gift certificates from some of our favorite takeout restaurants and coffee shops, or you can give someone a shopping spree on sites like Amazon , until things return to normal.
  • Fragrances This is always an option. However, I would caution that you may only want to buy fragrances for people who you are really close to. Many persons are allergic fragrances, or simply may not like a particular scent. So just be cautious when choosing to purchase a fragrance for someone you care about. Other body products like skin care products, are definitely an option.
  • Generic Gifts If you are in a “pickle” about deciding on presents for service people like employees,  business associates, your child’s teachers etc, well keep it simple and special. You have plants like poinsettias,  succulents,  and fresh flowers. When it comes to food, you can consider an assortment of biscuits and chocolates in gift baskets, exotic chocolates or coffee. You can also consider alcoholic beverages like wines, champagnes and ports.

On that note, I believe I have given you enough gift ideas that can all be bought on a budget. Most of all they can be bought online and safely delivered to your house, as well as to your friends and family.  Remember to stay safe and healthy and most of all, have a Merry Christmas.

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