Form Is Temporary; Class Is Permanent

By Basia Alicia Powell

As we approach the end of 2020, I cannot help but to reflect on the statement, “Form Is temporary, Class Is Permanent” , which by the way is a chapter in my book, “Thirty Days To Lasting Happiness.”


The occurrences of 2020 could not break me. If anything, it helped shape me. I feel like more than anything, my eyes are wide open. I was not sleeping, but I might have been day dreaming for sometime. At times I lost form, but I never lost class. As my eldest uncle reminded me last week,

“You will go to war with a razor blade and win.”

I am so grateful for all the lessons I learnt this year. They were hard , but necessary. Not sure what God has in store for 2021, but  I am ready. After all He never takes anything from me without giving me better. While many may easy call this their worst year, for me it was a year of spiritual awakening and cleansing. I had more time to have some honest conversations with myself,  while having a front row seat watching the world fall into place. With the global rise of the Blacklivesmatter movement and the most contentious US Presidential election in modern history.

I embrace all my failures, and disappointments. They were simply lessons. It’s all good. God ain’t done with me yet. The last time we spoke, He said I was just getting started. He also instructed me to keep doing good, even when people try to destroy you, just wish everyone the best, but keep sharpening your razor and leave judgement to Him. “Karma knows everyone’s address.”

As I reflect on all the good and bad events that unfolded this year, I am reminded that “Hurting People, Hurt People.” So I will make sure I process whatever pain I feel, as I don’t want to be one of those people. I have no regrets about anything.  I am done trying to “fix” people and I am happy to give them the space to fix themselves. The only person I responsible for fixing is me. My lapse in judgement is my responsibility.  Many people choose to blame the whole world for their issues when things go wrong. I choose to own “my shit”. God gave us all free will and when we misuse it,  we go to Him to fix it.

Today, I choose to use my free will and prepare to move in a positve, stress-free and drama free   direction.  I choose to get out of my own way and ascend. And I am only traveling first class. No baggage or “baggage handlers” allowed on this ride. It is time to purge. Time to get rid of all the toxicity I allowed to come in. Before I go announcing my New Year resolutions, it is important for me to clean up my mess and not take it into a new year with me.

More than anything I learnt this year, is to accept the things I cannot change, stay away from the people who would not change, and let bygones be bygones. 2021 here I come, grown and woke🖤✊🏽

Happy New Year 🥂

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