I Am Open

Basia Alicia Powell


“I Am Open”
Today, as I return to reality on this first Monday of 2021, I do so without resolutions. I am never one to make resolutions. I returned grateful, with an open mind. I have dropped all inhibitions and desire to engage in excessive planning. I am open to only positive vibes.

What I plan to do is embrace growth by embracing discomfort, let go of the past, continue to be intentional about my life choices. I feel as though I will make all the right choices if I focus on being healthy and positive.  That will lead to me maintaining a good diet, exercising and guarding my mental health.
I have no idea what this year will bring. What I am certain of is the fact that I will be ok. I realised a long time ago that life owes me nothing. I am here to grow and accept the things I cannot change.
This year, my only resolve is to be grateful and happy every single day, whatever the circumstances.


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