Put Your Shoes On

By Basia Alicia Powell

People don’t be distracted by this coup taking place on Capitol Hill. We  made significant strides last night in Georgia and around the country in November, 2020. We are not going backwards. In the words of Rev Raphael Wornock, “Get up, get dress and put your shoes on.”

For all the people who had nasty things to say about #Blacklivesmatter protest; what do you have to say now? SUCH A MOVEMENT WAS INSPIRED BY 100 OF YEARS OF LYNCHING AND PERSECUTION OF PEOPLE OF COLOR AND MORE RECENT KILLINGS OF GEORGE FLOYD , BREONNA TAYLOR AND HUNDREDS MORE.

Blacks, Browns and Jews, put your shoes on and stay home. This is not our fight. Where is  the police? More IMPORTANTLY, where is the National Guard, who months ago tear gassed peaceful protesters in DC.
“Donkey say the road not level.”  I AM SPEECHLESS BUT NOT SURPRISED.
THE WORLD IS WATCHING AND THIS LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE TERRORISM TO ME, Members of a doninant caste will resort to relinquishing democracy in favor of protecting their supremacy. What a sad day in America‼️ What is the motivation here? I think we all know the answer to that. Good luck with that.
What is America going to do about a man with a child like ego, posing as the President, who is diabolical and would do ANYTHING to hold on the the office?
We all had a front row seat to this 4 year nightmare. If it were Barack Obama,  he would be in jail for this. But… For all the senators who were a part of this political spectacle and planned coup, you have blood on your hands. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess this was all a part of “Making America Great Again.”
Well you are the laughing stock of the world, as it appears to be more important to you to be loyal to the “cult  leader”  than the overall good of the country. You should all be fired‼️

Anyways, I am going to pop some corn and take a front row seat and watch  how your “so called privilege” enables you carry out acts of terrorism without going to jail.
As for  black and brown people, we are going to mind our business, get dressed and put our shoes on. When this is all over, we will be ready to match forward peacefully and continue to right your wrongs.🖤💙✊🏽

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