Understand This

“Some people want you to  be good enough, not to make them feel bad about themselves,” Sad but true. Don’t let this distract you. God would never send you a blessing that is not yours. He will not bless you with a gift that was neant for someone else.
Therefore, do not allow anyone to make you feel bad about your blessings or success.  It was not meant for them. It was meant for you. The sooner we all realize that what is meant for us, is only going to be for us, we can begin to celebrate others more.
God will not hold back from you, what you deserve, so get ready. The faster you get rid of the virus of envy and jealousy,  the faster your blessings will arrive. God responds to your faith, your heart, your gratitude,  and attitude while you are waiting on your delivery. 


“Today for me tommorrow for you.”

You cannot want God to bless you alone. He does not care what family you came from, about your race, color, how slim or thin you are, and all that stuff. He cares about your deeds, gratitude and attitude. 

We have to be happy for people when they receive their blessings.  Don’t you want to be surrounded by people who are happy and living in abundance? I do. Instead of resenting them for their blessings, compliment them and seek their mentorship. If you resent them for their blessings, you are essentially resenting God for blessing them.

Today, I am grateful for my blessings, as well as



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