In Case You Missed It

By Basia Alicia Powell

In case you missed it, or think it is all a dream, we have a new President ‼️Today Joe Biden became the 46th President of The United States Of America. A woman, who just happens to be black, of Jamaican and Indian decent,  became the first female Vice President of The United States. Not to mention  our former First Lady, Michelle Obama shut down the Capitol with her fashion and grace‼️ (Lord, I can’t take it.)

A Howard University graduate (HBCU ) is now the Vice President. It begs the question, “When are top black colleges going to be referred to as “Ivy Leagues”? Hmmm. Today is another installment in our history that is littered with struggle and contempt for people who are not white. Today, marks our return to unity and inclusion. It is so lovely to have the Bidens back in Washington, as we return to decency, compassion and respecr for all. This is America.

As we say goodbye to a period of the greatest racial tension experienced in our modern history, we say hello and welcome to President Biden who has pledged his soul to choose good and do right by all Americans. We also celebrate the feat of Madam Vice President,  Kamala Denise Harris, who shattered the glass ceiling and created a future vacancy for all women born in America, regardless of race or family status. More than anything her appointment delivered a message to young girls all over the world, that you can be anything you put your mind to regardless of your ancestry.

It just goes to show that despite the racial trauma etched in America’s thick, painful history, what makes this country great is the fact that it delivers once you are willing to work hard and pursue your dream with a relentless passion, You can achieve anything.

Despite the detractors and insurrectionists who tried to stop this great moment, and who obviously deprived millions who would have liked to witness this historic moment in person, I am still deeply inspired and proud. Why?  Because democracy won, and a man who many thought was too old to be President,  brought us all together by driving out bigotry and hate. In addition, he appointed a woman raised by a single mother, after her parents got divorced, as the first female/black Vice President of The United States.

Now if that is not the result of  “The Audacity of Hope” , then I don’t know what is. Do I think that evil and racism are gone because President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are now in office? No. They simply went into hiding. But I am hopeful because evil, and bigotry still did not win. Today, I FEEL INSPIRED,  I AM READY ,  and most of all, I AM RELIEVED ‼️ WHO IS GOING TO STOP ME BOO?

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