Let Go Of Your Crutches

By Basia Alicia Powell

When you let go of your crutches, that is when you begin to truly walk. The most recent example of this is a man who stuttered  for most of his childhood became the oldest person to assume the office of the President of the United States Of America at age 78. In addition, a woman who could have easily used her ancestry as an excuse to believe it was not possible, became Vice President of the United States.


Today I ask you what crutch are you using to walk? A crutch can also be defined as a “comfort zone” . so many of us allow our comfort zone to prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams.
I believe that we were all placed on the planet to achieve the unthinkable in our area of choice. We cannot claim to live by faith without embracing discomfort and uncertainty. 

At the beginning of this year, I took up the challenge of becoming comfortable with the things that made me uncomfortable. And for those of you who know me well, the idea of adopting a dog was very scary to me and is not a predictable choice. I realise the reason for my past reservations/fear, is the fact that I was bitten by my own dog at 4 years old.


I have always wanted to address this fear. it was a crutch I held on to. I also did not want to hand this behavior on to my kids. Many of my friends and relatives were surprised  by my decision to adopt a Cavapoo puppy at this stage of my life, but it was intentional. I was tired of being scared and anxious about something that came so natural to others.

This decision was a part of a number of issues I took time out to confront in the past few months. Like  many other people I have found myself experiencing a lot of anxiety during the past year. I had two choices. Either I live with it, or I do something about it. Truthfully, I was sick of being scared.


Another step I took was to let go of my excess hair. Most women are taught from an early age that your hair is a part of their beauty. I, on the other hand, always felt that I was more beautiful with less or bald hair. I believe that God gave extremely long hair to the women who need it. I discovered that I usually cut off my hair whenever I am morphing. I feel very empowered with very short hair. I remember shaving my hair off at the age of 21 before I left everyone and everything I knew behind and migrated to Jamaica to begin a whole new life after graduatingfrom University.  It was my distinctive style. I always felt liberated, powerful and beautiful when I wear this hairstyle.  I wore my hair this way when I met my husband. I believe he fell in love with me because he saw someone who loved herself as she was. No crutches.

Over the years I grew my hair out and I have worn several other hairstyles, as well as hair extensions. However, whenever I released the idea that I need my hair to feel good about myself or my style, or where I was going, it always led me I to a new and gratifying phase in my life. In other words, I refuse to allow my hair to be my crutch.
The past year has forced me to get comfortable with the things and issues that make me uncomfortable. It forced me to act on those things I am allowing to hold me back. Decisions I should have made a long time ago because I have been sitting in the shade walking with my crutches.


Today, I chose to walk with Favor (this is the name of our dog), let go of the crutches, embrace a look that has always been mine, as I get ready to soar and get comfortable with the things that make me uncomfortable.
You don’t know where that walk can take you. But sometimes you just have to let go of the crutches and walk. So many of us allow the false sense of security to hold us back. If only we had the ability to see in advance where our discomfort can take us, we would be amazed. Today, I choose to do what I did at age 21, shave my hair off , lay down my crutches and walk. I am excited to see where this road leads me. I am ready.

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