What Can I Say?

By Basia Alicia Powell

What Can I Say?
The photo on the left is me at 36 years, right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.(I wore my hair like that a few times prior, so the style did not freak me out) On the right is me at  40😎 Ooops I mean 48😜 living my best life , exercising,  eating  primarily a plant based diet, while maintaining happiness.

Life will continue to throw stones at us. Some days we get big stones, other days it throws small stones. The truth is, that is life. $hit will happen. What matters is the way we handle our $hit. No matter how much we pray, we will not get everything we want. The lessons we are meant to have, we will receive. It is important that we receive the lessons and see difficulties as an opportunity to grow.

I look at both photos, but  I really like the one on the right more (a woman of a particular age.) You see, the girl on the right knows who she is. She has proven that she can handle her $hit. She can now accept the things she cannot change and understands the urgency to live!


The 48 year old version of me is more spiritual (not religious, big difference) and is not afraid to create the life she wants. She prioritizes happiness and peace of mind above all else. She fully understands her purpose and gifts, and is unapologetic about the fact that she can no longer multi-task.


She now understands that there is no such thing as getting old. You can be happier and become a better version of yourself.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn, and every difficulty comes with a growth spurt. Just move forward and have fun. Yes I said it. It is very important to have fun. When we were children we had fun without having money, and as soon as we start having money, we stopped having fun. Hmmm. I encourage you today to look at a younger photo of yourself and ask yourself if you are a better version? Are you having fun? Most of all are you happy?

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