7 Qualities A Woman Wants In Her Man

By Basia Alicia Powell

It is not as hard as you think to make a woman happy. There are some keys things that every woman wants from her man, to make their relationship work. Most women may agree to this list, but not necessarily in the same order.

Here are 7 qualities a man must possess:

You Must Both Be On The Same Spiritual Level

Whether you are a believer in God or not, is not the issue. What is important is to be in a relationship with someone who upholds the same spiritual values as you do. In other words, if you are agnostic, he should be too. Relationships will only survive based on sex. What goes up must come down‼️ It is important that you are beliefs are in sync. When two peoplein a relationship, are at odds spiritually,  it becomes difficult to feel supported and understood during challenging times.

He Must Like You

I don’t know about you, but ‘like’ is just as important to me as ‘love’. I can recall a few guys I dated in my earlier years, that I thought I loved, but did not like. Like is generally an indication of where the relationship is heading. If you don’t like him, don’t proceed. I once went on a date with someone I did not love, but liked and 21 years later, I am still here😜. Like matters.

He Must Be Able To Be Vulnerable

Beware of the egotistical males. That is a hard cookie to crack. It is hard creating intimacy with a man whose ego is first. You cannot reach a man who hides behind his ego. Ego first and you after. You will always be in a relationship with him and his ego, if his ego is not displaces from the onset. When a man is able to strip his ego and bring vulnerability to the relationship, it is the foundation for a strong bond and great intimacy.

He Must Be A Good Communicator

Hmm…speaking of communication. Your dream guy must be willing to talk things through. I once dated a guy who I could not reason with. It was very easy for him to go from 0 to 100 for very simple issues. A poor communicator can be a nightmare. Every discussion can feel like a civil unrest. You never know when he is about to pop off. I usually advise my single girlfriends to test the water and see how their man handles a disagreement. Within the first six months in a relationship, a man usually shows you who he is.

He Must Be Loyal

I love a loyal man, and so should you. Loyalty in a relationship is connected to love. Perhaps it is more connected to like. If a man don’t really like you, he will betray you. If you have a public disagreement with someone who obviously does not like you, and your man is on their side, run. You dog is loyal to you no matter what. Therefore, your man should have no excuse. He must have your back at all times.

He Must Be Able To Earn A Living

Are you familiar with the term, “No romance without finance “? No matter how much your man says he loves you, if he has no plan to earn a living to contribute to your security, that is something for concern. Please don’t misunderstand this point. It is ok to earn more than your man. That is out of your control. A man must not be scorned for earning an honest living that pays him less than you. However, a man who is healthy and has no desire to earn an honest living, and is comfortable living off of you, must be avoided.

He Must Be Willing To Grow And Learn New Things

There is nothing sexier to me than a man who is always focused on continous improvement. He must be willing to grow and is always prepared to learn new things, so when life knocks him down, he can get back up. This type of mindset creates a foundation for a strong partnership. Ladies it is important to find a man who is willing to grow with you, and you can also teach each other new things.

I know many women of varied ages who are currently single and ready to mingle. Their desperation to find a partner (notice I did not say the right partner), generally results in them ignoring key warning signs. At the end of the day, everyman you are attracted to is not good for you. Attraction to danger, does not make danger go away. However, I feel certain that if we all pay attention to the key points mentioned above, we will find ourselves “a keeper” deserving of our heart.

Good Luck

One Love 💘


P.S. Feel free to message me with any relationship questions or concerns you may have (under an anonymous name) and I would be happy to respond. All responses will be posted to my advise column weekly.

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