Living In Gratitude

By Basia Alicia Powell

As much as I hate to admit, it has been extremely difficult to maintain my positive outlook during these unprecedented times. When I reflect on the many obstacles I overcame in my life, the first thing that comes to mind was my attitude of gratitude.


I use gratitude as the daily vitamin for my soul. It always allows me to shift my focus and block out all negative energy. When you focus consistently on gratitude, you live expecting great outcomes. You recognize that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, you are grateful before you receive.

Gratitude brings enlightenment and elevates the soul.  The more grateful you are; the more your blessings flow. People who live in a constant state of discontent cannot truly be happy. Their souls are never at rest, as they live with a constant feeling of lack. On the other hand, it is a proven fact that grateful people experience more happiness. They are also able to manage sadness and disappointments much better.

Many people take gratitude for granted. However, if they were to master the practice of being grateful on a daily basis, they would experience true happiness and greater prosperity.

Life will always throw curveballs at us. Everyday will not be perfect. Whenever you decide you are going to another level, it would not happen without turbulence. When an aircraft is taking off and it is going up in the sky, it experiences turbulence until it reaches the desired altitude. If you are a passenger on that flight, what do you do? You have no choice but to sit still with your seat belt on and endure the turbulence. You would not dare jump off that plane, even though you are scared.

The same applies to our daily lives. Even when we experience turbulence, we must remain grateful and still. To be honest, problems do not disappear. We go through different phases of our existence and as the saying goes,

New level, new devil.

When we change our attitudes toward the problem, then the problem changes. Gratitude diffuses the magnitude of the problem and delivers your desired outcome. It is important for us to remember to make time for self care. Get in the tub and soak with candles lit and some music playing in the background. Remember to take care of yourself first. This is a sure sign that you are grateful for your life. Most of all, remember to live. Many of us are fighting to stay alive, but we not really living.

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