By Basia Alicia Powell

Sometimes we can be our worst enemies. I have to be honest with you. Within the past year, I lost my form. I became jaded and I started to believe that every single goal and dream I have challenged myself with, was beginning to slip away from me. I literally felt my creativity slipping. I have overcome major challenges during my lifetime, but I have never experienced a time like this. This pandemic came for my joy and at times forced me to my knees. Not even my trade mark positive mindset could have overpowered this unthinkable nightmare, that felt like we were all living through some version of a “zombie apocalypse”. It was simply one blow after the other. But then I reminded myself that I was simply out of form. Form is temporary, but substance is permanent. I have not lost my substance.


Who Am I?

I developed an urgency for a fresh perspective, a stronger mindset, and prayed for super powers to be able to stop the tragic fall out from this catastrophic nightmare. Things were happening around me, but somehow they began to affect me internally. Suddenly I stopped and prayed desperately clarity. It became clear that my life will never be the same from this point. I fully accept that planning is a thing of the past and stillness is my therapy of choice. Who am I? I know for certain that this pandemic is indeed the most challenging period of our lifetime, (certainly mine) and we are never going back to what was once considered normal. I felt defeated, despite how hard I tried to lift the weight from my mind.

I Am A Porsche

As a part of my healing, I have chosen to identify the lessons from this madness. There are many. I have always been a go-getter. My drive for attaining my goals has always been on another level. I found myself having to come to a sudden halt. There was no where to drive or fly to, Instead of going at 100 miles per hour, I was forced to go at 15 mph. And I felt myself shutting down. You cannot ask a Porsche to drive at the pace of a Camry. A Porsche is a luxury brand that is designed to deliver speed. All of a sudden this Porsche was forced to drive at 15 mph. The end result of my introspection was being able to recognize that my speed does not define me. I am still a Porsche, even when I am parked in the driveway with no where to go. What makes me a Porsche is my engine.I HAVE NOT LOST MY VALUE BECAUSE I AM NOT DRIVING AT 100 MPH!. When the time comes for me to press the gas; I will be ready.

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It is amazing what you can achieve at a slower pace. I was able to fully grasp the meaning of living. I was also able to develop a great appreciation for my tribe. I have a deeper appreciation for the people in my life and I will not take their love and loyalty for granted. More importantly, I was able to identify my purpose. It was always there. I was driving too fast, so I could not see it. I needed to drive at a slower speed to find the missing piece from the puzzle.

Basia Powell

I wanted to share this analogy with you all because many people are hurting “big time”, at the moment. There are people who have lost loved ones, maybe they are job hunting, or simply trying to get ahead and they feel a sense of hopeless because they have experienced one disappointment after the other. That’s ok. When confronted by the challenges of this time, we cannot focus on speed or where we want to go. We must focus on our engines. Vehicle models change every day , but the reputation of the car is based on the performance of the engine. The engine defines the legacy of the vehicle, especially when it can deliver on speed.

Ask yourself, ” What type of vehicle are you? Yesterday, I was reminded by a member of my of my inner circle that I am a Porsche. Even if the demand is low, my value is high. No institution, no person or pandemic can change what my engine is made of. Not everybody can drive a Porsche and not everybody can afford to buy a Porsche. This does take away it’s value. It is still a Porsche. Who are you? I am a Porsche, period.

Hope this article reminded you of who you are and made you smile.


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