The Urgency To Live

By Basia Alicia Powell

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt this urgency to live. I did not find a term for the feeling until much later in life. Perhaps in my late thirties, when my spiritual journey began. I always felt like my drive was unusual.  I operate with both my head and my heart in whatever I do. In fact, when my head is in agreement with my heart, that is when I know for sure I am on to something.


After I was delivered on this planet, it became clear to me that my life was indeed a gift. From as early as I can remember, I had a desire to accomplish great things . I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, that was fueled by me having to be mentally and emotionally independent at an early age. I craved freedom and independence from an early age. I recognized that I had to take extraordinary decisions to have an extraordinary life.

There are many people my age from my childhood or who I went to school with, who are no longer existing in this life. These same people once had a desire to live amazing life. Sadly, they did not get the opportunity and their lives were short-lived. I cannot explain why. What I do know is, this experience increased my desire to live hard and without apology. I recognize that every minute and every day matters. This is a feeling I cannot explain.

I recognize that my life could also have been curtailed, but it wasn’t. God was not ready for me yet.  I also believe our lives can be cut short while we are still living here on earth, if we choose to live dead lives. It is important to understand that someone can live an outstanding short life, like Kobe Bryant. On the other hand, you can drag your unhappy, negative vibrations along with you until the age of 95 years old, without enjoying one day of your life.


How Can We Live With Urgency?

Hmmm, I am glad you asked. You can start by making better choices about our health, spirit and finances.

  • Start by removing yourself from unhappy situations, let go of all baggage and surround yourself with happy people or certainly people desirous of pursuing lasting happiness. Unhappy people can ruin your life and they will hurt you. They do not want to see you happy.
  • Make sound financial decisions. Buy what you can afford. Don’t shop with your eyes; shop on a budget. There are only so much things you can consume and wear in your lifetime. It matters not what you earn, but how much of those earnings you invest and save. You can become wealthy but staying in your lane. Living on a realistic, fixed budget is the key to excellent financial health. If you are desirous of certain luxury items, remember there is luxury in every category.  Choose your category of luxury according to your budget. When you are debt free and mortgage free, you can leave the rat race and begin to live a rich life.
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet daily. Don’t forget your regular health check ups. As the old addage goes,

Your health is your wealth.

  • Stop engaging in the things you don’t love and turn your hobby into your purpose. Do something daily that puts a smile on your face.
  • Take regular trips to places you can afford. It is important to have a change of scenery sometimes. You don’t have to get on a plane to have a change of scenery. You can drive out of town with the people you love, to have some fun.
  • Let go of the small stuff and focus only on creating the life you want. Someone else’s script for your like does not matter. This is your life, so life without apology.

How Do You Know When You Are Living With Urgency?

You know for sure that  you are living urgently, when you live without apology. You do what you want, go where you want, when you want, if you want, with whom you want. It is that simple. The truth is, the people who have the most negative things to say about you living with urgency, are unhappy in their own lives and are afraid to try another approach. Many people were raised to thing that having fun is not only engaging in idleness, but it is bad. That is absolutely preposterous. Having fun is  the definition of living.


As we start a brand new week, go have yourself some fun. If you are not truly living,  start to day. Make it urgent.  We only have one chance, but sometimes we forget. It is not as hard as you thing. Have some honest conversations with the people that count, and go live your life with urgency. Make it count.

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