Jennifer Lopez Is Out !

By Basia Alicia Powell

The blogs have been hinting for some time about trouble in paradise for powerhouse couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Yesterday, we found out that they split. Personally, I am not surprised by the official announcement of their split, that came several weeks after it was reported that “Alex” was misbehaving, aka, cheating. I always felt that this partnership was well coordinated, or better yet contrived. Alex always came across as a “JLo cheerleader”. I am not saying this to diss either party, but if you look at snaps of them during public appearances his body language says it all. According to their statement, they say they are, “better off as friends.”

I also feel like women like JLo, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and others, have a tough time finding true love. Clearly this has nothing to do with their physical appearance. However, it has everything to do with their mega famous stature. You may argue that Alex is just as famous as Jennifer, however, in sports your level of fame decreases after retirement and the lights go off.

It does not matter if Alex even has more money, he no longer had A list fame. The level of a Jennifer Lopez kind of fame would make almost any man or former superstar athlete, into a “Mr. Jennifer Lopez” However, most men cannot deal with that, so they resort to cheating with women who make them feel needed. You look at women like JLo and ask yourself, what more does a man want? The answer is simple, “ He wants to be needed.” A superstar athlete is accustomed to the adoration of women. Particularly women who need them to take care of them. It fills their ego. Being with a woman like JLo is a constant reminder that he is not the center of the fame.

Unfortunately, this relationship was doomed to fail from the get go. They both need a cheer leader, and they can’t give that to each other. The relationship started off hot, because they both needed something more than love, and ARod could not give up the opportunity to maintain his superstardom with a JLo partnership. Did JLo need the boost of fame? Not so much. However, she needed a “JayZ” type love, after divorcing Marc Anthony. It is not true that we can’t have it all. We can, just not all at the same time. So ladies, Alex Rodriquez has returned to the streets. And so has JLo. Do you think she will get back with “Puffy”, aka “Puffy” Nah, not a good idea, but who knows!

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