Ask Basia Video Podcast 7

By Basia Alicia Powell

I Can’t Breathe Part 3 –Justice Is Served!

Today, justice was served. And while this verdict will not bring back George Floyd or any other person of color who was wrongfully killed by the police, it certainly sent a message that, “enough is enough.” I am joined by Mrs. Maua Mosha Alleyne http://www.instagram/com/maafristyles and Dr Sydelle Ross The best way I can describe our collective feeling is perhaps by saying, we were numb with pain. Three black female professionals from different parts of the world. One from Africa and the other two from the Caribbean. Our origins are different,  yet our identities and pains are the same on American soil. We got together for this broadcast in solidarity, with a common goal to celebrate a victory that addresses our collective pain, validates our present and points us all in the right direction for the future of our people.

Prior to living in America, we had no clue that being black can be considered a crime in some parts of the country. For me, I was raised with the mindset that I can be whoever I want to be. I felt that the more educated I become, the more access I have to creating the life of my dreams. Truthfully, I still believe this. However, I am more enlightened now, as I realise that this is not a collective view. Do I have any regrets about living in America? Absolutely not. I am wiser, and I am determined to be a part of a much needed change in the world and fight for equality.

Commentator Bios

Mrs Maua Mosha Alleyne, is a Public Health specialist, who is currently serving as a Biostatistician at a pediatric hospital research department, also joins us. She is also a Tanzanian African print designer who uses her passion for African print to change the narrative about Africa. Her work is available on YouTube under “MaAfriStyles”. Her website is

Dr Sydelle Ross, an Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist, who currently practices palliative medicine. She is also a classically trained vocalist who uses music to care for patients living with life threatening illnesses. Dr Ross’s podcast “Prescription in Song” is dedicated to promoting awareness of healing potential of music and is available on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Take a look at her website

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