ASK BASIA VIDEO PODCAST EPISODE 11- “Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man.”

Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man

By Basia Alicia Powell

When I was in my early to mid twenties,  the idea of dating or marrying a younger guy seemed crazy to me. Suddenly, I was approaching the  age 30 and by then, I dated and I had kissed a few frogs, and suddenly my perspective changed. I became more open-minded about looking for a partner and a “soul mate”.


What I learnt over the past several years is that love cannot be attached to a calendar.  Love is about a connection between two human beings of opposite or the same gender. You cannot choose who you love. If you can go about choosing who you love just like that, well that would be a  “love by design”,  not by connection. When the love is real, it happens at the most unexpected time, with the most unexpected person. That is true love.


To all my single ladies looking for real love, this podcast is for you. Real love can sometimes be found with a younger mate. If you believe that your soul mate is “out there” waiting for you,  don’t give that soul mate an age before you give that person a chance to show you who he or she really is. True love does not have an age. When it presents itself, you will know. Just be open to the idea that your love may not match your written criteria, when it is real.


Today, I am joined by some queens who like me, know a thing or two about a broken heart and more importantly, about true love. Hope you enjoy this podcast, as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

Commentators’ Bio

Dr Ayanna Eastman

Dr Ayannna Alleyne- Eastman

Dr Ayanna Eastman, Professor Communication, educator scholar, entrepreneur, proud single mother, sister, aunt, and most importantly, woman of God. (Check her out on )

Alicia Bazen

Mrs. Alicia Bazen, is a Caribbean American woman and a graduate of the Boyd Law School at University of Las Vegas. Currently she works as a legal professional in the insurance industry. Mrs. Bazen is an advisory member for caregivers with NCAN, a neuroendocrine cancer support group, as well as the creator of the “Abbiness Handmade Jewelry” line. Her jewelry is available for sale via her instagram 

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