Life Is Like The Elevator

By Basia Alicia Powell

I recently came to terms with how symbolic the ride on the elevator is. It reminds me of life. The elevator goes up or down, with the press of a button. It can move in the direction of your choice.


You can choose to get on the elevator or take the stairs. Sometimes you take the elevator if you want to get to your destination quickly, or if it is a very tall building, and it is the only way to get there. Alternatively, you can choose not to get on the elevator if you don’t feel comfortable or safe with the people taking the elevator with you. You may also refuse to get on because the elevator might be stopping on floors you have no interest getting off on.


The elevator ride is symbolic. Sometimes the only option you have, depending on your desired destination, is to take the elevator. However, sometimes you have to take the elevator alone, because not everyone who gets on the elevator with you, have your best interest at heart, or is heading to the same floor. Honestly, that is ok, as we cannot all head in the same direction. That causes congestion.

Sometimes in life you have to know when to get on the elevator or the train alone and get off on the floor or stop that is right for you. You cannot allow a total stranger or an enemy disguised as a friend, to choose a random destination for you. It is a high probability you will end up on a floor that you are not trying to be on.

The moral of the story…be sure to know where you are going and don’t be afraid to press the button that would take you where you there. Also remember, you have to shed baggage to be able to rise. Do not allow other people who are not sincere about your happiness and mental wellness to determine the button you press. You may end up on a floor or level you do not want to be on. Focus only on the floor you want to get off on.

Be brave and press the button that is right for you. YOU DESERVE TO BE ON THE LEVEL YOU WANT TO BE ON. No approval necessary. Everybody may not like the choices that are right for you, but every successful person will tell you that everyone cannot come along for the ride up. And never forget, “Only the people who are beneath you, will try to pull you down.”

“Only the people who are beneath you, will try to pull you down.”


At the end of the day, not everyone who says, “God bless you,” wants God to bless you. Some people want God to bless you just enough for them not to feel badly about themselves. They want you to stop on the same floor and stay there, because if you dare to reach to a level they did not, it shows them up. Go press your button, look up and look forward.

Lets Dance, Basia❣

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