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By Basia Alicia Powell

There is a reason most professional athletes are highly paid. It is not easy staying fit and being at the top of your game. It takes tremendous sacrifices and confidence to become a world class athlete. There is also a reason spectators are not paid because all they do is. No one gets paid to watch! The athletes and the coaches are the ones who get the big bucks, because they influence and determine the outcome of the game. If you want the big bucks, you have to get in the game. That’s life in general.

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Many people are fanatical about sports.  Some people even think they know the game more than athletes themselves simply because they play the game in their heads. However, few people are willing to get in the game.

It is easy to talk or criticise an athlete’s performance. Let’s face it, an athlete will fail more times than he or she succeeds.That is the nature of the game. However, the athlete who ultimately succeeds, is the one who does not allow failure to be a full stop. Success is achieved with the understanding that failure is almost a guarantee along the path of the journey.

Don’t Give Into Fear

If we were to all approach our lives as professional athletes, we would show up everyday prepared to get into this game called life. To accomplish this, we must have passion, determination and displace fear . Successful athletes are generally fearless or can usually hold their composure very well. They would never be able to compete if they were to constantly give into fear.

Many times we come up short in our lives because we are living on the sidelines. We play the role of spectators in our own lives. However, spectators don’t win the game, they watch the game from the bleachers or the sidelines.

We Get Out Of Life What We Put In

We get out of life what we put into it. If we are concerned about what our spectators think about our performance,  we will not be able  to perform at our best. We must first rid ourselves with the desire to please and replace it with the desire to perform.

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Athletes Focus On Their Game

Your life should not be based on trying to get everyone to like you. Spectators focus on liking people and athletes. They have an opinion on everything and everyone. Players/athletes focus on their performances and their games. They understand that people will eventually”like you” when they see you winning. The truth is everyone like winners. In order to win, we need to perform and to achieve our desired results. We must be willing to get uncomfortable, be unpopular for what we believe in, make sacrifices and get in the game. You cannot win from the sidelines; you have to get in the game.

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