AskBasiaVideoPodcast Ep19 – “Has digital technology hijacked Communication and Marketing?”

If you are a media, marketing, advertising, communication professional, and you have been in any one of these industries for over 20 years, then you would have experienced the major shift that took place with the emergence of digital technology. Whether you have kept up with the rapid advancements in technology or not, you have to admit that it has made life easier on the workforce, it has saved companies a lot of money in marketing and advertising.

Digital technology has now provided small business owners and corporations with a reliable , affordable, and highly accessible channel to reach potential customers and consumers. Apart from improving the way we do marketing, digital technology has also removed the cost of brick and mortar for many retail businesses. Our store front can now be electronic.Most of all for me, as a business owner, I love the fact that this type of marketing offers me the ability to track and capture data to ensure my advertising dollars are well spent.

Today, the queens and I discussed this topic. I was joined by two University professors, Dr Rhonda Mc Ewen, Dr Ayanna Alleyne-Eastman, Attorney-At-Law, Ms Whitney Marshall and HR professional, Mrs. Joanne Gadson.. We can all identify with the changes and the impact that digital industry has had in our respective industries. However, not all of us are of the view that it is a hijack! Take a look at their bios and the actual podcast below:

Commentators Bios

Dr Ayanna Alleyne-Eastman – Tennesse

Dr Ayanna Alleyne- Eastman

Dr. Ayanna Alleyne -Eastman is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who believes in the importance of pursuing your dreams. Her career path has included communication and public relations experiences with state and international agencies, such as the United Nations. At present, she is an Assistant Professor, of Communication and single mother of a tenacious 14 year old girl. An avid writer, she shares her thoughts and musings on motherhood, singleness, dating and more on her blog, Successful Mom. In her spare time, she hikes mountain trails and plans events. And most of all, she wants us to know, she is a woman of God. You can follow her in Instagram

Dr. Rhonda Mc Ewen – Canada

Dr Rhonda Mc Ewen

Dr. Rhonda Mc Ewen is a mother of two beautiful people. Her 17 year old daughter, is a music loving and adventurous young woman on the autism spectrum. Dr. McEwen is a Canada Research Chair in Tactile Interfaces, Communication and Cognition and is a Professor of Emerging Media & Communication. Dr. McEwen is the Director of the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. You can follow her on Twitter

Mrs Joanne Gadson – New Jersey

Mrs. Joanne Gadson

Joanne Gadson has over 20 years’ human resources experience in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and software industries, holding positions of increasing responsibility during her tenure. Prior to joining WorkStride, she was Senior Director, Human Resources for Antenna Software. Joanne is a strategic business partner with the innate ability to understand high-level business objectives and develop people and culture initiatives that have a positive business impact. She has expertise in the areas of culture, performance management, employee relations, full cycle recruiting across functions, and employee coaching and counseling. Joanne has her BBA in Finance and Banking, with a concentration in Psychology, from Hofstra University.

Ms.Whitney Marshall – NY NY

Whitney Marshall is an entertainment lawyer by day and a dating coach by night. She is the founder of “Yes to 50”, a dating accountability group she started in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. As the leader of Yes to 50 she has established the Shameless Dating brand where she encourages women to get in touch with who they are, accept their flaws and relationship needs, and put themselves out there so they can find their perfect partners. She is the daughter of Jamaicans from St. Elizabeth and Kingston and enjoys spending time reading psychology and dating books. You can follow her on Instagram

Whitney Marshall, Attorney-At-Law

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Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode 19

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