Ask Basia VIdeo Podcast – Episode 25 ” WIll You Marry Again?- Part 1

Basia Alicia Powell

In a recent survey, we discovered that the majority of married women we interviewed, disclosed that they have no desire to remarry. Needless to say we were shocked. It appears that these wives believe that, if for whatever reason they can no longer be with their present husbands, they are open to companionship, but not another marriage.

Many of us were raised to think that marriage is the ultimate status for a woman. we were also taught to associate the word “divorce” with failure. And while we do not advocate that divorce is the solution for any problem you encounter with your legal partner, it should not be categorized as a failure. Divorce should in fact be seen as an alternate solution to a marriage is no longer functional. The truth is, both marriage and divorce can have unhealthy consequences for children depending on the state of the relationships between the two adults.

In this episode, the queens and I had a candid discussion on this topic. 

In this episode, the queens and had a candid discussion on this topic. They brought their truth to the table. It is clear that the women who are happily married (including myself) have no desire to say I do again. There are many reasons for this. These include:

  • Unwilling to share economic resources
  • They cannot imagine that another man can treat them better than their current husband.
  • Marriage is hard work and they would rather be alone with informal companionship.

Overall, they did not all agree on this issue, and the discourse was juicy. If you don’t believe me just watch.

” Will You Get Married Again? ” Part 1

Commentators Bios

Ariel Paredes Bio

Ariel Paredes is a Writer, Actor, and Stand-up comedian.  She has developed years of experience with published work covering press junkets, travel pieces, and arts & entertainment. Also having performed all over Los Angeles at the famed Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store, she reflected herself in comedy by creating her own culturally diverse female driven show called “It’s Not me, It’s Definitely you”. 
A graduate of Boston College, she used her business skill set from working at HBO, to take that to the next level in her own personal endeavors creating new and exciting content. You can follow her on Instagram

Asali Ude

Asali Ude was born in Harlem, NY. She is one of 4 children to La Vanna and William Hatcher. She attended Bennington College in Bennington, VT.  and later worked at the Hospital for Special Surgery for 11yrs.  She took a hiatus from the corporate world from 2012 to 2015, to raise her children. She resides in Bergen County , NJ where she is pursuing a career in Real Estate. You can follow her on Instagram

Dr. Gabrielle V Williams

Dr. Gabrielle V. Williams graduated from Hampton University in Hampton Virginia in 2001 with a BS in molecular biology. She later graduated from UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 2005 with a DDS. Currently she runs her own practice, Piedmont Dentistry Smiles, located in the University area of Charlotte North Carolina, which was established in 2011. 

Dr Williams is a member of the AJ Williams Study Club and the Old North State Dental Society.

She is married to Elijah Beaty and they have a four-year-old daughter, Elle. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, and belongs to two book clubs.  You can follow her on Instagram

Lesley Ann Bailey

Ms. Lesley Ann Bailey is a Trinidadian/American. She is an Occupational Therapist, an entrepreneur, and a graduate of Howard University. Lesley- Ann is based in Washington DC. You can keep up with on Instagram.

Dr. Ayanna Alleyne-Eastman

Dr. Ayanna Eastman is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who believes in the importance of pursuing your dreams. Her career path has included communication and public relations experiences with state and international agencies, such as the United Nations. At present, she is an Assistant Professor, of Communication and single mother of a tenacious 14 year old girl. An avid writer, she shares her thoughts and musings on motherhood, singleness, dating and more on her blog, Successful Mom. In her spare time, she hikes mountain trails and plans events. And most of all, she wants us to know, she is a woman of God. You can follow her on Instagram

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