Sex And The City Has Me Tripping

By Basia Alicia Powell

What do you think about the return of Sex And The City? I mean, “And Just Like That”. Well if you were fortunate enough to be a young, liberated , vivacious woman in the 90s or a gay man, you must have been bursting with excitement when the news broke about the return of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Mr. Big. I mean I actually spent money on HBO max to relive my 90s. And I honestly thought they were pranking us and Samantha would eventually show up.

And Just Like That

From the moment it was announced that SATC will be returning to television, my girls and I were all waiting with excitement and wine glasses in hand, to escape the reality of the pandemic. What many of us did not realize is, the new version of SATC, would bring us right back to our grim reality, once we saw the first two episodes.😭

My girlfriends and I are furious and even a bit hurt, about producers killing off the character of “Mr Big”. And yes, like Fred Sanford, he died from a big one. Could they not have made Mr. Big have an affair with a younger woman or Carrie, with a younger man, due to mid life crisis, and they would eventually find their way back to each other, as they often do? I watched in horror as Big took his last breath as a result of a heart attack. I was crushed. I thought to myself, this must be a joke!This is not what I paid HBO Max extra money for. Are you kidding me?

And What About Samantha?

This caption says it all‼️

And lets talk about the elephant in the room. (No, I am not referring to lack of diversity, there are more people of color this time around). I am referring to the huge hole left by the absence of Samantha. We all love Carrie, but there is no SATC without Samantha, period‼️ Carrie brought the shoes and Samantha brought the heat💥.Samantha was the sex ed teacher for many women in the 90s. (You know I am right!)

Hello Lovers🥰

I understand that the producers wanted to address ageism and racism and thats fine. Particularly after critics freaked out about seeing Carrie’s grey hair in public. However, this was a missed opportunity to show that women can be sexy, horny and have a keen interest in a healthy sex life at any age, with the inclusion of Samantha.

Mr Big

Unfortunately, this very grim start has me tripping. For those of us who are die-hard SATC fans, the death of Big is a hard blow. We want to excape reality and get buried in a story line that will make us feel like we are still in the 90s living a carefree life in New York city, and not living through a pandemic. Anyways, as I said before, this better be a dream, or the only way they can fix this for me is by bringing Samantha back, and she needs to be even more horny than before. You feel me⁉️ Stay tuned for more reviews.

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