ASK BASIA VIDEO PODCAST S2 EP2 – “Making Yourself A Priority.”

By Basia Alicia Powell

For most women, it is very difficult for them to make themselves a priority. Often times, we put our husbands, children and other people before ourselves. Within recent years, I have discovered that this is an unhealthy approach and if I am to truly improve my quality of life, I must engage in proper self care by taking care of myself first. Today my cohosts, Ariel Parades , Alana Avis and I, discussed this topic with two phenomenal queens, Wellness Coach Mrs. Dimple Kabadi-Berger and Senior Biostatistician and African print designer, Mrs. Maua Mocha Alleyne. Check out their bios, and take a look at this episode:

Ask Basia Video Podcast S2 EP 2


Dimple Kabadi-Berger

Dimple Kabadi-Berger has a Bachelors in Biology and a certificate in Integrative Nutrition Coaching. She has been helping people build and sustain a healthy lifestyle through her Integrative Wellness Coaching business, “Wellness With Dimple”.  Dimple’s multi-faceted six-month program works alongside her clients to independently and functionally examine twelve areas of overall well-being for each individual. Together, they cover topics such as food, movement, finances, and she works with her clients to identify strengths, challenges, and goals in each area, and partner with any necessary specialists to facilitate making sustainable changes. You can keep up with her on Instagram

Maua Mosha-Alleyne

Maua Mosha Alleyne, a Public Health specialist who is currently serving as a Senior Biostatistician at a pediatric hospital research department, also joins us. She is also a Tanzanian African print designer who uses her passion for African print to change the narrative about Africa. Her work is available on YouTube under “MaAfriStyles”. You can follow her on Instagram

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