Ask Basia Video Podcast S2 Ep 6 – “Broadening Your Investment Portfolio.”

By Basia Alicia Powell

Many people are terrified about the idea of investing. Maybe they are not aware that they can actually enroll in short courses to broaden their knowledge of investment options. Within recent years we have been introduced to several investment instruments, such as crypto currency, stocks, etc. Traditional forms of investing such as real estate, commercial banking, and life insurance are still applicable today. However, modern investors are bringing in the big bucks with newer forms of investments. Creating the best investment portfolio boils down to whether you are prepared to take high or low risks. As the saying goes, “The higher the risks, the higher the reward.” Unfortunately, high risks can also result in high losses.

In Episode 6, my cohosts Ariel Paredes @relworld3 and Alana Avis @beautybfly and I @Basiapowell spoke to investment expert Mrs. Nidhi Patel @nidp13 and business woman Mrs. Lesley Ann Bailey @eyebrows72 . We learnt a lot from our guests. Take a look at what they had to say:

Ask Basia Video Podcast S2 Ep 6

Guest Bios:

Nidhi Patel

Nidhi Patel is a director at BlackRock the largest asset Manager in the world.  She works within the Leverage Finance Platform. She has a CPA and is a trader and portfolio manager.  Prior to BlackRock she worked at MKP Capital a Hedge Fund and Deloitte. She graduated from Binghamton University in 2001. You can keep up with her on Instagram @ nidp13

Lesley Ann Bailey

Ms. Lesley Ann Bailey is a Trinidadian/American. She is an Occupational Therapist, an entrepreneur, and a graduate of Howard University. Lesley- Ann is based in Washington DC. You can keep up with on Instagram at @eyebrows72

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