Happy 18th Birthday Son

By Basia Powell

I can’t believe you are 18 years old today. I remember the first day we brought you home from the hospital.  Honestly, I really did not know enough about being a mom. I was so focused on making sure you did not fall off the bed or the changing table. As your mom, I wish I could protect you forever, but that is not how it works.

Today, we begin the process of letting go, as we welcome you into adulthood. The truth is I am just as scared now as I was the first day we brought you home from the hospital. I am so proud of you and the young man you have become. I pray for soft lessons for you son. Your dad and I spent the past 18 years trying to protect and prepare you for this moment, and for the day we would drive you to college and say goodbye (which is fast approaching.)
The truth is we  cannot protect you from being an an adult. Today our parenting style will experience a drastic shift. We shift from being instructors to advisors and allowances will now become loans.Our parental voice will be like a library in your mind. A place you may visit for reference whenever you are faced with crucial decisions.

My advice to you is to run behind your dreams like your life depends on it. Life goes by quickly,  so go after what you want like you have no Plan B. Son you deserve the best. You can get anything you want in this life, once you are prepared to work hard and pray for it. Despite what some skeptics may tell you, God is real. Stay close to Him on your journey.  You can be dope and praise God. Your dad and I have had to lean on Him over the past 18 years to raise and provide for you and your brother. He truly delivers.

Son, always remember, life owes you nothing, and that no one gives you anything for free or on a platter. Everything worth having comes with a high price tag.  You either pay upfront or later. Excellence is something you have to work very hard for. And one more thing, never forget that your mother told you, “We don’t do basic.” Go get them son. We raised you to be a king, so go conquer your kingdom. You got this.

Love You Forever


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