Control Your Own Narrative

By Basia Alicia Powell

People will always try and tell you who you are, or who you should be and what you should be doing. Thing about this – If you have the winning numbers for the Lotto jackpot tomorrow, would you give it to me? Hell no‼️ Therefore keep your opinions to yourself. In other words, people do not like you doing better than them and they will always try and control your narrative. I have built a career and a reputation based on writing my own narrative, developing my own script and brand. It has not been easy. The hate is real and sometimes lovingly disguised.

In my early years I was chastised for not accepting basic or ordinary. I refused to fit into a mold that I did not create for myself. A mold that most times suggested that a lifestyle choice was too good for me, or that I was not good enough for it. Thankfully most people don’t come to me with that nonsense anymore.

A true influencer is not afraid to change the narrative, to shake shit up. A real influencer never trys to fit in or wait for the applause. You have to believe in your own shit first and prove them wrong. The people who say you won’t make it, will tell everyone someday that they know you or are related to you. The key is to follow your dreams and stop looking for the likes or the applause.

That is what I love about @kanyewest ,
he controls his narrative and he does not care what you all think, and that is what a real influencer does. Call him what you want (genius or mental), one thing for sure is, he is smart. He run this shit like cardio. Today, I am controlling my narrative, and that simply means, I don’t do basic ‼️”Ima do me”.
And, I am ok if everyone don’t like me or my perspective. I have learnt that ” If everyone likes you, then you doing something wrong.” I am in it for the views, not the likes. If you in it for the likes, you are too basic…😎

Today is a great day to start controlling your narrative. Keep watching , no need to like 😘
Happy Monday Y’all

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