I Was Created For A Purpose

By Basia Alicia Powell

We all have an anointing . We were placed on this planet for a specific purpose.  we were all brought here on earth to pursue a calling and to fulfill a purpose. We cannot help it. This is not something we decided for ourselves. It is the reason we were created. If we are not pursuing this purpose, we become restless and discontented and basically unfulfilled.

For this reason, we should never envy others when they are pursuing their purpose, by following their calling. Some people’s purpose may appear to be visibly greater than others, in human form. However,  they are all great once you find your purpose.

If you are surrounded by people (family members,  spouses, children, friends) who are not real supporters of your purpose, you will not achieve it.  Their negative energy and thoughts will block you from you final destination.  Sometimes you have to choose,  or live with the consequences. .

I have encountered many people, particularly women, who like me, struggled with this for many years. It took me sometime to understand that God only creates masterpieces, and like you, I am one of them. I am called to His purpose and anyone who does not understand or accept that, is in the way of my calling and is hindering my progress.. God took His time to make me, and therefore, I am worthy of the best.

My simple message for you today is:
” Never allow anyone who did not create you, to tell you who you are created to be, or  what you were created to do.”
So the solution is simple, “Ima do me.”
And I was not created to do basic‼️
For as long as God leaves me on this planet, I will continue to put Him first and fully commit to His purpose for my life. Because God created me to fulfill my purpose.

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