Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode 9 “When Should Parenting End?”

By Basia Alicia Powell

In this episode the queens Basia Powell , Ariel Paredes and Alana Avis discussed, “When Should Parenting End?” Many parents try to “over extend” their parenting. This has more to do with their personal insecurities associated with losing their relationship with their adult children or losing control in general. We were also joined by parenting expert, Ms. Michelle Gordon “The Boss Mom”. You can follow her on Instagram @b3bossmom. Take a look at the episode:

“When Should Parenting End?”

Guest Bio

Michelle Gordon “Boss Mom”

Michelle Gordon 2022 Bio

Bitten by the proverbial baby bug while expecting her first child in 2004, Michelle transitioned from her position as Purser with Air Jamaica, and embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture. She opened a premium retail store for children which provided the foundation she now stands on as a ‘Momtrepreneur’. During her seven years of operation as a retail storeowner, Michelle learned the key components to creating a successful balance in motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Her voice as an inspiration to take chances, live BOLDly and always innovate, is heard through her work over the past 15 years where she has created and stood at the helm of multiple ventures. She is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of B3 Parenting Magazine, the Caribbean’s first dedicated parenting publication, the Editor of Indulge Food & Wine Magazine and most recently she launched The BossMom Magazine and the BossMom Network – a celebration of and platform for mothers-in-business. She is the curator of several calendar lifestyle events and philanthropic projects. Michelle has made her name in the parenting spheres where she is a ‘key connector’ for businesses to the mothers and families who most need their products and services.

Michelle is knowledgeable and proficient in creative business and product development, brand-building, publishing and event marketing & execution. She has over 25 years’ experience in customer relations and leadership management, and adds to her portfolio success in the areas of Project Conceptualisation, Event Production & Management, Motivational Presenter, Content Producer, Parenting Consultant and occasional Blogger.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys road trips with her family, entertaining friends at home, and a good bottle of wine.

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