Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode 11 – “How To Discover Your Personal Style?”


There is a huge difference between fashion and style. Fashion goes in and out of season but style is permanent.Fashion is what you wear and style is more about what you won’t wear. When you know your style, everything that is in fashion is not for you. In episode 11 of the Ask Basia Video Podcast, the queens @basipowell @beautybfly and @relworld3 discussed their own experiences with style. They were also joined by style expert, Ms. Maragarita Corporan. Take a look at this episode:

Guest Bio

Magarita Corporan

Margarita Corporan is a commercial brand photographer in NYC. Enthralled by pop culture, 90s female music icons and print fashion magazines; Margarita has encompassed these inspirations into visual expression. Presently creating an art series of portraits of her female family members in custom made renaissance gowns with ancestral anecdotes. This series will be a celebration of the blending of races and cultures within a modern day family in regality.

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