I Am In It, To Win It

By Basia Alicia Powell

Less than one year ago, I embarked on a journey with my husband and business partner, @ricardolpowell. We decide once again to join forces in business. Except this time we would combine his career as an international cricketer and coach, and my career as a successful media and marketing entrepreneur. The end result would be the 1 cricket agency in the USA and Caribbean, 124 Not Out Sports Agency.

We were fortunate enough to convince some of the most talented professional cricketers from North America,  Caribbean,  India and other parts of the world, to join us on this crazy ride. Today, we are all one big happy family.
Many people were skeptical about me. The question was asked, “What does she know about cricket?”  Well, I understand what is required  off the field to help a cricketer maintain success after he or she is no longer playing for their native country.  I have been a part of the international cricket community for over 22 years. I have seen it all.

I know the game through the eyes of a wife, friend, advisor and now as an agent with an impressive media resume. This type of experience cannot be taught. I have lived this life. I can tell you what is going through a cricketer’s mind as he is coming towards the end of his playing years, or if he is discarded prematurely by his national board. While many cricketers have been playing this game with their bat and ball, I have been playing it with my mind.

The truth is the game has changed,  even some of the rules.  Cricketers no longer have to play for their countries to have a successful career in cricket.  What remains the same, is you have to be exceptionally talented to make it. Most of all, you have to change your mindset to keep up with the times. The key is identifying an agent who understands how to make you a successful brand. What many athletes/ cricketers do not understand is that your talent is not the only requirement, but a successful brand builds wealth.

There are booking agents and branding agents. Booking agents get you gigs , but branding agents make you money and  ensure that you have a career that is lasting. The market is now wide open.  At 124 Not Out, “We are in it, to win it.”  we can’t guarantee you overnight success.  It’s a process and you have to trust the process.

What I have discovered is some of the older cricketers are so focused on giving up “their ten percent” or whatever the fee is.  If you don’t hire a great agent, eventually you would have no commission to pay. It’s like selling your house  on your own.  Your realtor will always be able to sell your house for more than you. The same applies in sport.

I am so grateful to all the cricketers, who we represent from around the world,  particularly those who trust my vision for their personal brand. We cannot sign everyone. We are not a good match for everyone. But one thing for sure, we will work hard for whoever we sign. A part from getting you the best fees,  we are focused on ensuring that your value is recognized and that you are treated with the respect you deserve.

I am so grateful to the Minal Tigers for their kind hospitality during my visit to India. Thank you for allowing me to  join my husband and some of our other players at the Legends League Cricket Tournament in India.   I have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with former and current players and coaches, from around the world, as well as team owners I am learning new things everyday.  We are forever grateful to God for giving us the gift of 124 Not Out Sports Agency and for allowing this cricket agency to be recognized and respected globally in order to transform the careers of all the cricketers we represent.

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